Todd Norem Freelance Creative Director, Copywriter, and creative problem solver


Hi, I’m Todd.

That’s a picture of me up there. It’s a little old, but then again, this isn’t a dating site. So I’m not going to sweat it too much.

I like to tell stories.

Brand stories, specifically.

We’re hard-wired for storytelling as a society, but we often forget that brands tell stories too. Or more accurately, they help their customers tell their stories.

Sound complicated? It doesn’t need to be.

I work as a freelance copywriter and creative director. By myself and with teams. I tend to play well with others.

I’ve won quite a few awards and been in Communication Arts and Archive.

Some of my best work is on this site.

I live in the Bay Area, but take advantage of technology and can take on clients just about anywhere.

If you like what you see send me an email. We’ll get to work.